A Closer Look at Express Barista

The two large touch-screens provide a streamlined order-to-fulfillment process that is quick, easy and intuitive. One screen enables order-entry and payment while the other manages order progress and pick-up – both screens can deliver customer-facing messaging &/or advertising while in idle or wait state. The result is an overall satisfying customer experience sure to bring repeat business.



2 Phase 30 A 200-230Vac with Neutral
(L1, L2. N) 


​Cortex-A9 Mx6, 1G Memory, Android 4.2.2

Wi-Fi | LTE


Water Filter

Pentair Everpure ESO6

Water Intake

​Intake through external bottled water or
via a hose using tap water

Water Drainage

Drain hose outside to a bottle or
to a drainage located below the Kiosk

Waste Basket 


Email Alerts
For all consumables
(beans, milks, powders and syrups)

Payment System
Canada: KioSoft Ultra C. Contactless
USA: KioSoft Clean Reader Ultra,
EMV Chip Card & Magnetic Stripe

Express Barista Specs

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With Door: 1038.5mm 
* 1080mm * 1974.5mm
Without Door: 1038.5mm
* 820mm * 1974.5mm

Dual LCD Screen

Size: 19-inch * 2
Resolution: 1280 * 1024
Type: Capacitive touch
Anti-Vandalism Protective 
Glass – IP65 rating

Coffee Machine


Cup Dispenser
Fully Automatic Cup-Drop
150 Regular (12oz/355ml)
130 Large (16oz/473ml)

Lid Dispenser

Fully Automatic 
Regular/Large Lids: 225

Milk Dispenser

Supports 2 fresh milks
Refrigerator: 3.3 cu. ft., 115/230Vac

Powder Dispenser

1.6L * 3

Syrup Dispenser

3L * 3