About Us

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CHARK Technologies was founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs who, together, had broad and deep experience in the self-service, unattended kiosk technology, financial payments and consumer delivery industries.  

Charles and Mark had a vision to leverage their collective experience and talents to deliver a world-class, self-serve, gourmet coffee experience.

Their specific focus was to fill a void in the self service coffee industry by creating a self-serve, unattended, espresso coffee service kiosk unlike any other. Consistent, top-drawer quality espresso beverages at the touch of a button — leveraging the industry leading Eversys espresso coffee system. 

CHARK Technologies designed and built a self-serve kiosk which meets this vision. Express Barista offers espresso-based beverages with the same or better quality than can be found in high-end baristas. Express Barista features convenience, speed and above all, the highest quality espresso beverages!

CHARK Technologies will continue to enhance Express Barista

with exciting new features including mobile ordering, beverage escrow and pick-up capabilities fully and entirely with the confines of the Express Barista kiosk, ensuring no opportunity for beverage contamination or misplacement.

CHARK Technologies — a company to watch!